Ka-Chi - May 26, 2014

Nigerian born troubadour Ka-Chi’s guitar work is solid…..”The feeling that I’m feeling is just so amazing” is sweet….. His bright multi-tracked guitar fills the spaces between his words with warmth and spirit” – East Bay Express review of the album Come on Home.

“Ka-Chi sounds like the voice of a one-man revolution that is willing and able to spark a change for good, whether it be socially or in your way of thinking. It is as smart as anything else undiscovered you will hear for some time…… His music reflects how real his ideals are, and how honest of a person he is…..Plain and simple, this is music that begs to be heard; so do it.” …. Brian Campbell, CBS Radio

“With just a guitar and his rich, soulful vocals, the Baltimore based and Nigerian born Ka-Chi has released a very impressive debut consisting of 5 tunes that often walk the line with a sound reminiscent of the acoustic sides of Bob Marley and Ben Harper (the last cut on the disc is a great cover of Marley’s “Redemption Song”). With a delivery that’s very confident and laid-back, Soul Liberty – demo sessions shows that he is just as impressive lyrically as he is musically with lyrics dealing with subjects like life, relationships and taking control of your destiny. With a demo this good I can’t wait to hear what Ka-Chi has in store for us next…. ” Geoff Melton, The Music Korner

“Ka-Chi’s song “(Give my) Soul Liberty” entertains, soothes and inspires. He implores you to take control of your future and steer your destiny to the direction you want.” …www.naijajams.com

“(Give my) Soul Liberty” is one of the best songs by an indie artist that I’ve heard in a really long time (and I hear a LOT of indie music).
– Roo radio – World Class Rock

Soul Liberty